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I am a graduate of The Phoenix School of Holistic Health, and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas. I have worked in the cardiovascular surgery field for 10 years, and have a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management.  I am a licensed Medical Esthetician as well.


Dr. Williams received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.  He is a member of the American Urological Association and recipient of the Rainford Nephrology Award.   Dr. Williams has done research at Cardiovascular Institute and Harvard Medical School - Dana Farber Cancer Institute and has contributed to several publications and abstracts.

"I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Haberli while she completed a 3 months internship program at Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston, and I can genuinely say that I highly trust and recommend her massage technique.  Her total body massage, including the prostate, is not only therapeutic but fantastic as well."


Massage is my passion. I feel my client’s energy, which puts me in harmony with him and his rhythm. In other words, I am totally present to the experience at hand.  I am a trusted professional, your well being, comfort and positive experience are my primary focus.

I can be contacted at Email:    Katzzam@hotmail.com


Amazing!  That's the best word I can come up with to try to describe the massage I received from Helena. Her attentiveness to my needs made me feel like I was the only person in the world that mattered. Her massage was like no other I've ever experienced - she didn't just go through the motions like some therapists, but instead used her hands to "listen" to my body and what it needed. Under her magical, healing touch I turned to putty and seemed to drifted to sleep on her table.  I can't recommend her more strongly.  I am a weekly customer.    
Joe Arruga, Victoria, TX

Felt great being touched firmly all over; not only did my back feel relaxed my arms and buttocks were being massaged almost at the same time. It's a full feeling of well being. I loved the massage, Helena  is great, very professional, mature and obviously experienced. A must for everyone. Women don't be shy, give this a try." Edward Aspen, Houston, TX

It was so awesome, I saw stars exploding. The massage was firm, and very relaxing. The feeling was indescribably wonderful. I have become a regular I go every 2 weeks.
Allen Moore, Missouri City, TX

I had never had this bodywork massage before and I was blown away with how relaxing and sensual it was. The strokes were so full and went all over my body at the same time. The sensual massage was very gratifying and the setting was beautiful. I have gone back twice since my first appointment and will be making this a regular treatment for my prostate health.  Helena is the perfect masseuse.
Chuck Gallows, Bellaire, TX

I literally adore your hands on my body.  It’s like waves of warmth that rush through me and instantly relax me.  I love how the Aneros feels very comfortable and sensual.  It has intensified my orgasms and has made my ejaculations stronger.  You’ve made an addict out of me, I can’t get enough.
Jeffrey Gaines, Houston, TX

Helena has made no promises, but her skills and service has provided me with more benefits than promises.  I can hold my erection longer, the feeling is stronger, and my prostate is not enlarged like it was before.  I believe that prostate massage is the key to prostate cancer prevention.
Donald Manning, Houston, TX 

I must admit I was intrigued at first, but was quickly put at ease. Helena answered all my questions in a very professional and knowledgeable manner, she is amazing. The massage was fantastic to say the least. The prostate massage surprised me in how pleasurable it felt, it was gentle and sensual. I experienced an orgasm which blew my mind more intense than ever. I'm hooked and highly recommend this to any man. Woman, you're amazing!
Will P. Dunes, Katy, TX

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